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A Few Initial Projects

A Few Initial Projects

It took about a month to dial in the printer and get useful prints out of it. I had to change/upgrade a lot of parts along the way. The cool part is half the replacement parts could be printed on the printer, very meta. I changed the spool holders (printed), filament guides (printed), print surface with a removable glass plate (held in with 3d printed brackets), new part cooling system (system was printed, fan for it was bought), new hotends, new nozzles, removed one of the print heads to reduce weight, new stepper motor wiring.

Here’s the first three successful projects:

Robotic toys to teach the kids how to code and build

3D Printed Robotic Arm

A scale model of a combination lock to teach my oldest daughter how to… open them without the combination (and the predictable results):

Playable Settlers of Catan (this took 2 weeks to print):

Setters of Catan – 3D Printed