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Time to Bag Some Replicants

Time to Bag Some Replicants

This was a personal challenge. I rebuilt most of my printer over last month to improve the print quality and I wanted a torture test to see how well it would perform. This 1:1 scale model of Deckard’s blaster from Blade Runner is insanely hard to print.

Deckard’s Blaster – 3D Printed

This has had no post processing of any kind (sanding, ,trimming, etc), and the colors are all the original filament colors. I also acetone welded it instead of epoxy to keep it legit, though that got a bit messy.

The bolt works and the cylinder opens as well:

Deckard’s Blaster – Bladerunner

Here’s a couple of fun build pics to show you what the parts looked like before it went together (I did not use the epoxy or the drill! that was from another project):